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Tuesday Action Pistol Nights

Article II Gun World Range, Lombard:

The second Tuesday Night of each month is the Skills & Drills practice session:

This is not a class.
About 100 rounds of exercises to sharpen up your competition or carrygun skills.  Working from the holster, these drills give you the opportunity to practices techniques you can't at most ranges. Drawing, shooting multiple targets, reloads at speed. Proficiency building.

Second Tuesdays at Article II Lombard: Two separate sessions, 6pm and 8pm. $28
No separate house range fees.

Introducing the Skills & Drills Level II practice session:

This is not a class.
Smaller groups for more action.
About 100 rounds of exercises to take your skills to the next level. More movement, barricades, longer and more complex strings, and micro-stage setups to expand your abilities (and have more fun.)

Fourth Tuesdays at Article II. Two separate sessions, 6pm & 8pm, $38

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Then put your skills together under match conditions with three or four stages of real action pistol competition:

Our IDPA matches are on hiatus for the time being.

Starting at 6pm, we'll run you through USPSA-style or IDPA stages so you can keep your match-shooting skills sharp, or get a chance to try out action pistol competition in a lower-pressure environment.

This is not a class.  To participate, you must have either demonstrated proficiency at a Skills and Drills event or be a classified USPSA/IDPA/ICORE competitor with match experience.

Excel is an affiliated IDPA club.  Check back for classifier date.

Fee: $25 event fee (no separate range fee, but A2 passes don't apply)

Match Results:
We've gone electronic on scoring and now all of our match results are available on go to "Match Results" page and search "Excel" in the box at the top right.

Article II Gun World Range
250 W. Cortland St.
Lombard, IL 60148

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